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Neighborhood Jules: Local Businesses, Entrepreneurs & Tangents Galore

Apr 24, 2018

Jules (gladly) ventured out to Asbury Park to meet with CEO, Founder and Designer (and Hoboken Vet!) Rob Feinstein in his workshop to learn all about Soapbox.

What started as a box has evolved to tables, nightstands, chairs, big and small and the wood of your liking. AND you can set them up in literally minutes. Kiss...

Apr 10, 2018

Muneca and I chat about everything under the sun on this one (tanning, promoters, butt pictures) BUT the biggest deal about her is that she is someone who's creating a Muneca empire and not letting college debt get in the way. 


Check out her studio at 51 Harrison Street in Hoboken and her event this Friday to...

Apr 3, 2018

Matt and Julia pick up on a few cliff hangers from last month's episode about Kelly Clarkson and Bumble Beaus. Stella (Julia) has also gotten her dating groove back, and Matt makes sure to keep her in her place with every millennial statement she makes (more than I'm proud of).

Listen to the end for a teaser on next...